AMY (screaming): You bastard! Get the fuck back here, Marcus, that is not your mother! She’s not your mother!

Brittany Sando

On the table sits a little CAR model - a beautifully preserved 1914 Stutz Bearcat. Shiny black and red paint covers the exterior with delicate gold curls embellishing the corners and velvet seats. Slowly, Catriona steps forward.

Marieke de Koker


BRITTANY SANDO is a sophomore creative writing major at Interlochen Arts Academy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has been published by Teenage Wasteland as well as the Noisy Island Review, and was awarded a Silver Key for poetry by Scholastic. Additionally, her play placed third in the Philadelphia Young Playwrights competition in 2013.

MARIEKE DE KOKER is a young South African filmmaker currently in her junior year at the Interlochen Arts Academy, studying motion picture arts. She is fascinated with characters and their psychology, and the realism of such characters plays a big role in her screenwriting.