It was like I had walked into someone taking a shower, like I had intruded on a scene I wasn’t supposed to know about. The rug was a certain type of cold, the type that latched onto the cool air and held it like a nasty hug.

Briana Troise

I sure as hell don’t like lobster but I love Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They’re, quite literally, the only good thing about Red Lobster night.

Cookie Dutch


A man drives a Jeep on the right side of Highway 65. He’s not used to driving; he didn’t get his license until he was twenty, actually, because it never felt natural.

Kaley Mamo

I’m fascinated by Tootsie because her existence is entirely fabricated. I’m in love with Plum because she’s raw like knees on concrete, man coaxing udder, a tongue stuck to a pole.

Miracle Thornton


I went out with the fastest kids in the state breathing hard, dripping in sweat, and smiling like a goddamn winner, but I wasn’t and never would be…

Zane Austill


Banner image: "Orifice" by Sophie Paquette