Adding to the Tapestry: A Conversation with Jacques Rancourt about exploring religion through poetic sequence, writing about family, and creating the queer pastoral.  


Did Octopi Come From Space? A Conversation with Emily Henry on magical realism, the role of setting in her novels, and how Young Adult literature has shaped her point of view.


Confronting the Serpent King: A Conversation with Jeff Zentner about facing fear through storytelling, the importance of Young Adult fiction, and working with a “Top 5” publisher.

Scraped Off the Jungle Floor: A Conversation with novelist and Interlochen Arts Academy alum Kea Wilson about writing fiction from fact, horror movies as inspiration, and how perspective influences plot.


Bridge the Gap: A Conversation with Marcus Wicker about Music, Metaphor, and Macy’s Changing Rooms.

Her Side of the Story: A Conversation with Danielle Lazarin about obsessions across stories, not falling in love with Paris, and talking back to the narratives placed on women.


Before the Mystery Began: A Conversation with New York Times Bestselling YA author and Interlochen Arts Academy faculty member Brittany Cavallaro about who gets to tell the story and preserving aspects of the original Sherlock Holmes novels in her own adaptation.