How Shivani and I felt about our religions resembled the way she left and rejoined the circle of dancers throughout the night. Ambivalent. Indecisive. Fleeting.

Amanda Brown

It wasn’t loaded, he said, and he’d flipped the safety as an extra precaution. A slam, then my mother calling him irresponsible. Another slam. A pillow over my ears as I tried to fall asleep.

Sarah Mims Yeargin


Remember: you feel a sinking feeling in your chest. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. You have gotten bruises before. You should be used to this.

Rachel Litchman

In the evenings Grandfather and Rakesh sat over a
fire, and grandfather told Rakesh stories -
stories about people
who turned into animals, and
ghosts who lived in trees, and beans that jumped
on stones and wept…
                                  Anushka Gupta