Maybe we’ve been put together like faded bouquets / of pelvis fossils & rivulets of gazpacho blood.

Amanda Brown

balance me best you can, still my voice will trickle

Irene Han

yet the ground / soon dips, and we are giving way to/these truths the deeper we tread.

Allegra Lisa


bombpops and icees and frozen guppies with / apples in their pin-sized stomachs made homes / of the shelves in our garage freezer.

Allegra Lisa

The sun is there / and not there, / dotted with the / shadows of hands.

Julia Bohm

Lavender lengths of satin and / silk hovering like hummingbirds / or breeze-filled whales,

Tanner Manley


The stove in the kitchen is never flaming; / perhaps this is an act of revenge.

Julia Bohm