"but anyway, there I am, running, running, 35,30, 25, 20, / and God almighty there’s the touchdown."

Darius Atefat-Peckham

"I wonder if the worlds we first know / leave us the way we are"

Roey Leonardi

"Which is to say, violence does not end with flesh rupturing; / the body knows to translate trauma into silhouettes."

Nadia Jo


"Nobody covers your eyes / though you are too young to witness this"

Rohshaye Lincoln


"rifle between his knees, / whom I mistook for a farmer before I knew everyone / awaited something infernal."

Vicky Brown Varela

"you’ll be in a hospital bed next to a gunshot / victim, thread embedded in the both of you."

Yanna Cassell


"you touch a dead bee’s stinger to / see how it feels"

Kelly Hui


"She knew I needed a refill, her eyes glanced up from the clipboard / in her hands to me. Her eyes landed right below mine."

Arden Dodge


"A mother, over the sink, supports herself with her hands."

Brian Morris