Summer green


Now I'm enshrined
With rags of my older times
Cradled from steamy rain
Safe from the old sky's pain
Gasoline lamps appear
Lighting the musty shelves
Cluttered with mugs and jars
Stuffed with tea stains and spice

I am wrapped In old letters
Calligraphy a soundless song to myself
I am wrapped
Stitched with flames smoking out my eyes

I am rain blistering
Flickering like the fog
Croaking out one more dance
Spinning like tire swings
Tag me like a receipt
So You can ship me off
From all the baby things
Fly like a paper clip

SUMMER GREEN is a singer-songwriter based in Northern Michigan. She writes in a variety of genres including folk, pop, electronica, and indie rock. She attended Interlochen Arts Academy for four years and graduated as a singer-songwriter in 2018. During her senior year at Interlochen she was accepted into Interlochen's annual Collage show, opened for The Accidentals in Corson Auditorium, was accepted into the Interlochen tour band which toured in four states, and had music licensed in advertising. She was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she plans to learn more about songwriting as well as film scoring after taking a gap year.