Camino: Our Path

Pedro Resendez

My work exposes my personal perspective of a destabilized and contrasting modern Mexico , my country. In such a mystical and chaotic place it is almost impossible to identify a motive or identity that correctly reflects the Mexican essence. Mexico is a region plagued by contrast and injustice; it is a place where beauty is hidden in the humblest ceiling and dirt can be smelled in the most ostentatious places. Mexico has been denoted by the work of its people. The hot hands that knead the tortillas or the tired eyes that take another cup of coffee while they take care of the houses; the feet, that among the dust, walk one more eternity to feed their family. I give a voice to the people that have raised me and that I consider family, people that don't have a voice in this and are tied to a strict path leading north. That is the way, the path that seems inevitable for 46.2 percent of the population who live in extreme poverty, and highly probable for those who remain. The path that the elites avoid, that seems unworthy before the eyes of the society. It is a ghost road, hidden behind the great success stories that are corrupted by the social contrast. This is the path of work, a path that defines the destiny of thousands of Mexicans, by which the surnames have become great and the oppression more decisive. It is the path that handcrafts the old huaraches that sow the fruits and dreams that feed the Americas, the dirty boots that clean with mops the incongruities and lies of modern consumerism, the leather shoes that fight from generation to generation for the truth and justice. It defines each of us Mexicans, our fears, struggles, laughter, luxuries, shortcomings, successes, failures, tears and smiles. My work presents to the viewer my spirituality, most beloved memories, family relationships and the stories of classism and violence in my everyday life growing up in Mexico City. I mark emblematic and symbolical objects and use traditional Mexican folk art imagery and techniques, to explore my identity and understanding of how my roots come from different social classes and places. I use video and photography as traces of my personal life, my relationship with my grandparents and religion. My work answers the question of “why and who is migrating?” by presenting my perception of my traditions, personal experiences and family relationships. The finality of this is to impugn the criminalization of a race and inspire a message of empathy and change.

PEDRO RESENDEZ is a first year junior at Interlochen Arts Academy. He was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. His work is highly influenced by his family roots, cultural traditions and political viewpoints. His work encourages people to have an empathy-driven mentality when discussing political problematics. He received three gold keys and three silver keys in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards as well as a national silver medal for his piece "Zapatos Migrantes." He was also selected as a juror for the 2018 Interlochen Visual Arts Juried Show. Pedro hopes that with his work he can create a change in how Mexican culture has been perceived recently to a much more realistic and personal narrative.