taetyn panagos

My art explores infinite being through the experience of the metaphysical internal space induced by deep states of meditation.In this headspace, I lose myself in the chaos, so deep within myself that I lost sense of what is me and what is everything else, surrender myself to entropy: the vibration of being. I break apart into the infinite chaos of particles, become the eternal static. Only to slowly find myself again over millions of years after the big bang, as the universe cools I form atoms and planets and chemical compounds and cells and life and culture and Interlochen, until I form what we call Taetyn.
Everything exists both as an infinity while still remaining in its recognizable form all without losing a sense of consciousness. This is the all-encompassing finite infinity inside of myself that is the foundation being. My art explores this “all-encompassing finite infinity” through large scale interactive sculptures, which are meant to be experienced by the viewer in order to obtain aforementioned state. I have also created metaphorical depictions of this “Space” through painting, animations and computer generated imagery. Technology, specifically computers, are significant in my work as they play a role of the “mirror” of the mind.

TAETYN PANAGOS is a two-and-a-half year senior at Interlochen Arts Academy, having spent one semester at the Oxbow school. She was born in Firestone, Colorado but currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After graduating from Interlochen she will spend a year traveling Nepal and India studying Buddhist meditation and doing community service through the University of Naropa. Her art explores the experience of the metaphysical internal space induced by deep states of meditation.