Waseem Nafisi

Check out Waseem's Thesis Statement and  Featured Portfolio below:

      Observe your body. Feel its weight. Listen to the intake of air, the expulsion of breath, the pulse of blood, and the movement of its slight sway. It is the physical body that ties us to the earth and facilitates our consciousness; it is the body that holds us to endless cycles of desire as well as to an honest existence. My paintings confront the viewer with these truths, portraying the raw physicality of the body: its innate struggle, sexual lust, and a freedom found in the acceptance of its limits.

         However, before this confrontation can take place between painting and viewer, I confront my own body through the paintings first. Each composition explores a facet of myself that I perceive to be shameful, whether that has to do with my body, sexuality, or identity. Running with Kendra (The Red, White, and Blue) examines the decaying body within the context of the American cultural landscape while Happiness Hides reflects on disillusionment in relation to addiction to pornography. I find that through exposing these “shameful” aspects, I am continually “coming out” to the viewer and to myself, initially fostering a sense of self-acceptance and internal dialog. I want the audience to empathize with my images: to see themselves in each confrontation and engage with both the work and the self on the most genuine level possible.