One on One, Father to Son

Allegra Negro


When I was your age,
I'd catch fish only half
as pretty as that one


red-haired fire spitter
she's got a slippery tongue,


look at those thighs
thick and
thirsty she is


the way she squeezes
better watch your head


better watch the way she dances
sometimes the left strap slips
and you're blinded for half a second ‘cause


her milky shoulders
have never seen the sun


see the way her lips
swollen salmon berries kissed
with dew


it'd be a shame if you missed a peek
at those pale
half moons


it'd be a shame if
you couldn't touch her tonight


you gotta touch her,


you gotta feel what a
real woman feels like




to the occasion


isn't it grandson
this is all yours


thighs, shoulders, breasts and lips
breasts and lips


you can never unseason
the beauty that is she


and though she may be a whoreson,
a half broke horse,
she's worth it.



ALLEGRA NEGRO-G. is a seventeen year old junior, majoring in creative writing at Interlochen Arts Academy. She's from Springfield, Illinois.


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