"Multiplayer" by Demitri Makeig

"Son of a Divorcee" by Demitri Makeig and Daniel Gaynor

Demitri Makeig is a senior Motion Picture Arts major at Interlochen Arts Academy. He is from Fairfield, Iowa. He has been awarded a Gold Medal and multiple honorable mention awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for his screenwriting and photography. He was a participant in Destination Imagination® for seven years, where he competed and placed at the international level. He is a YoungArts winner and participated in the YoungArts Miami regional program. He enjoys writing in his bed in chill pants while listening to ambient rainforest soundtracks. His favorite genre to write in is satire and he enjoys the occasional heartbreaking family drama. In the fall he will be attending the Relativity School in Los Angeles for a B.F.A. in Film + Digital Content with a concentration in Writing for Film and Television.

"The Quiet World" by Grace Montgomery

Grace Montgomery is a junior creative writing major at Interlochen Arts Academy with -3 plans for her life. That said, she hopes to not be homeless or live in her parents' basement as she continues to wander around in an attempt to find the meaning of life. More notably, Grace is the recipient of two Silver Keys in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and has been published in The Red Wheelbarrow, Epigraph, and Vending Machine Press, among other places.