Somewhere In Between

blaine Rubenson

My work explores a world of dream imagery formed from my own unconscious visions and the dreams of others. I emphasize the seamless movement I experience from waking world to sleeping world and back again in endless cycles. Each piece is a vignette, a glimpse into a different reality where things are scarier, more peaceful, more mysterious. These worlds are perhaps as real, if not more so than the waking world we live in by day. I seek to create portals into these worlds and to encourage viewers in nurturing their own fantastic realities. 


BLAINE RUBENSON is a second-year junior visual arts major at Interlochen Arts Academy. She grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina in a community of people who value the arts, sciences, and interdisciplinary study. Blaine has received awards on the regional and national level from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and has exhibited work in numerous galleries throughout North Carolina and Michigan. She participates in many collaborative and community based art projects and will continue to do during her senior year at Interlochen. She wishes to pursue both an art practice and a future career in medicine, each area informing the other in new and meaningful ways.