Soundscapes at Interlochen

In January 2013, creative writing students had the opportunity to work with guest instructor John Hegner, a composer and Interlochen Arts Academy alumnus from Chicago for a week-long session on "Soundscapes." They discussed models of collaboration, wrote using music and ambient sound as generative prompts, collected and recorded sounds from across campus, and discussed the role of sound in poetry. A number of students recorded their original poems with instrumentalists and ambient or electronic sound creating a “soundscape” for the writing. The following recordings were produced during these collaborative sessions. Special thanks to John Hegner for leading this exciting project.



Margaret Abigail Flowers, "Under the Pecan Tree"

AM Ringwalt with Aliya Ultan, cello, "On the seventh day God didn't think about the 24th day"

Lesedi Ntsele with Christopher Tabacyznski, saxophone, "Winded by Coltrane"

Lydia Munz with Allie Johnson, viola, "Ex-"

Liah Paterson, "Shocks"