ta'juan clark

Most recently, my work has explored the idea of submission and what it means to allow “another” force to take control. I was largely inspired by my experience with overt aggression in the home, but it was really Marina Abramović’s Rhythm 0 (1974) performance that brought my thoughts into fruition. My work mainly consists of figures in susceptible poses to allow whatever force that exists within or outside of the composition.

During the creation of these works, I found it best when I allowed my mind to wander -- playing film-like scenarios in my mind and choosing what I thought was the best “scene” that captured the proper eeriness I was looking for in order for the viewer to interject whatever psychological context they please. I also like to captivate a moment of mental occupation because I experience a lot of moments where I become so absorbed into my own mind that the very environment around me becomes completely obsolete. It also comes from a held philosophy of mine that the very basis of human existence is thought. Without it... what would we be?



TA'JUAN CLARK is a senior at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). Born and raised in the city of New Orleans, his work combines themes of submission, sexuality, and the ego with influences from Southern culture. Most recently, Ta'Juan received a Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key (2017) for his art portfolio, and is a Rau for Art (2017) finalist.