“Nanny” by Sojourner Ahebee

“Heliotrope and Bloodstone” by Megan Bitner

“Blood Brother by Kelly Conger

“Cattle Graveyard” by Margaret Abigail Flowers

“A Hodgepodge of the Things Not Played” by Claire Harvey

“It's Sara Louise for Sharing” by Exene Karros

Excerpt from “For Sand” by Jessica Lalonde

“Dawn’s Early Light” by Lydia Munz 

“They Have Little Feet” by Cheyenne Price

"Ivan (2004)" by Alexandra Stasiuk

“Theater at the end of the world” by AM Ringwalt

“Last Night I Woke Up at One in the Morning” by Will Scarfone


“Explode” by Kelly Conger

“Sizwe” by Lesedi Ntsele

"Flowers of the Flesh" by Liah Paterson

“Babies” by AM Ringwalt

“Captain Jack Sparrow and the Good Winter” by Alexandra Stasiuk


“A Reliquary for the Guns” by Cheyenne Price

“Juera” by Megan Binkley


“Tommy and the Bad Seed” by Davis Brown

“The Broken Ornament” by Margaret Abigail Flowers


Jericho Brown

Visual Art

Featuring (in order of appearance): Emma Hill, Sean Murray, Anela Oh, Carly Heathcoat, Suwan Kim, Katie Watson, Rowen Lohmann, Sue Saco, Dani Dintsman, Kwan Chow, Angeling Cruz-Yen, Martel McCornell, George Spica, Liz Rennie, Isabelle Rose, Alexandra Oehmke, Alicia Krupsky, Xindi Nie, and Waseem Nafisi


Featuring (in order of appearance): Margaret Abigail Flowers, AM Ringwalt (with Aliya Ultan, cello), Lesedi Ntsele (with Christopher Tabacyznski, saxophone), Lydia Munz with (Allie Johnson, viola), and Liah Paterson


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