"Throw the Rocks" by Mickayla Noel

"The Letters Never Written in Response to Your Complaints" by Sophie Coats

"The Five Thousand Dollar Twinkie" by Sophie Coats

"No Place Like Home" by Sarah Arnett

"Corrosion" by Sarah Arnett

"Mission Trip" by Haley Kellner

"She" by Alexa Curnutte

"Dear in Headlights" by Alexa Curnutte

"Act One" by Emily Boyle

"Praying Mantis" by Jehan Segal

"Stray" by Maron Tate

"A Condemned Generation" by Nani Wachhaus

"Grant Park" by Nim Holden

"La Vie in Rose" by Nim Holden

"Mayfly Kiss" by Samantha Mackertich

"Paper Empire" by Samantha Mackertich

"Ash Wednesday" by Angelica Parker


"Sister" by Sarah Arnett

"A Gamble" by Makai Andrews

"Iyana" by Maron Tate

"The Nuns of Abel" by Lily Walker

"Photoshoot" by Sophie Coats

"The Pacific" by Edward Maloney

"So What Do You Do?" by David Hill

"Tree Climbing" by Shaun Phuah


"I'm a Goddamn Thug" by Nim Holden

"Heart Problems" by Shaun Phuah

"CPR Class" by Angelica Parker


“Multiplayer” by Dimitri Makeig

“Son of a Divorcee” by Dimitri Makeig and Daniel Gaynor

“The Quiet World” by Grace Montgomery


Terrance Hayes

Brittany Cavallaro

Jamaal May

Megan Stielstra

Kazim Ali

Stuart Dybek

Visual Art

Featuring (in order of appearance): Weiqi (Vicky) Shao, Zhuoyi Chen, DaEun Cho, Angeling Cruz-Yen, Madison Bucher, Oonagh Davis, Rachel Elfezouaty, Eli Godchaux, Silas Holbrook, Veronika Kostyuk, Eunsuh (Laura) Lee, Ingrid Matison, Ruoyu Gong, Diairak Padungvicheaan, Sandra Nebele, Caleb Voisine-Addis, Ji Hee (Amy) Woo, Haiyang Sun, Aiting Yan, and Sam Thiele

Featured Visual Art Portfolios

Featuring (in order of appearance): Suwan Kim, Ryan Yale, Hannah Mills, and George Spica


Featuring (in order of appearance): Abbey Sacks (with Julie Kleinerman and Sophie Coats), and Demitri Makeig


A Note About This Issue:

Our 2015 issue was characterized by its use of icons, as archived in the screenshots below. Cover image created by Weir (Vicky) Shao.