she thinks
of vanilla pools lapping at gooey toes, washing her
feet in the plastic tub, wrapping callused heels in
jojoba and mango soap

Olivia Alger

better watch the way she dances
sometimes the left strap slips
and you're blinded for half a second

Allegra Negro

taught me how to blend
the fruit’s green viscera—lime,
garlic, salt and pepper

Sarah Mims Yeargin

I already tried understanding the buck
following his tired path back to my neighbor’s
garden every alternating sunrise, the lovesick

hole he chews in her hydrangea
bullets spent wondering
if he’ll ever learn

Anna Sheppard

after the bomb dropped, india fled
to her father’s arms. the sky was red,
the sun white and clouded like the moon

Meridian Donnelly

She walked out
to the apartment balcony and tossed
pennies over the railing. One for every street burned

Samantha Mackertich

When the mornings come with incisors
and skeletal systems they take turns playing the man

of the house, cleaning the gutters,
dealing with the naiads in the water filter

Blue Fay

Amy can tie a knot in a cherry stem without using her teeth,
can count the stars on the backs of your hands,
can fall asleep without a lullaby,
but only sometimes.


Sarah Arnett

she waits for him as
he flicks the scraped paper flame, red at the corner
of his mouth. their windows are open, damp street
light squares yellow on her skirt

             Emma Camp

                                        suffocate under turmoil,
                                        hearing the whores chatter
                                        about under their tombstones,
                                        wishing to breathe above
                                        the barren plains, you rise,

                         Sarah Rolinski