“Art Tatum: Art Plays a Myth” by Darius Atefat-Peckham

“The Light Beneath My Mother’s Scars” by Roey Leonardi

“Creationism by the 38th Parallel” by Nadio Jo

“West Philly” by Yanna Cassell

“Regression of the Sandbar” Rohshaye Lincoln

“to my sister (summer 1993)” by Kelly Hui

“In a House on Stilts in a Palaung Village” by Vicky Brown Varela

“Cavae Peninsulum, Look About You” by Arden Dodge

“A Poem Describing a Mother’s Definition of Love as Seen Through 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 in Her King James Bible as She Deals with a Cheating Husband and a Failing Restaurant Business Along with Fourth Grade Twins” by Brian Morris


“Dead People in my Living Room” by Briana Troise

“to get to the center” by Miracle Thornton

“Now That’s Seafood!” by Cookie Dutch

“Home Box Office” Zane Austill

“Idaho, Wyoming” Kaley Mamo


“Every Blade of Glass” by Marin Hart

“Year of Nian” by Seven Liu

“The Tagus River Bridge” by Elliot Blake Hueske

“My Year in Chelm” by Adam Krasnoff


“The Woman” by Alex Clifford

“Remember the Way” by Leah Cohen

“Static” by Alex Clifford

“Grab Him By The-” by Lane McKenna

“Last Stop” Desiree Winns


“Aquarium Maintenance: A Manual” by Sophie Paquette

“Static” by Summer Green

“Eczema” by Grace Adee

“Your Computer May be Infected with a Virus” by Hyowon Kang

“Euphoria” by Anthony D’Eredita

“Calligraphy” by Summer Green

“Lemon Juice” by Jessica Harper

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“World of Grief” by Sam Keshishian

“Your World is Your World” by Mikolai Stasiulewicz

“Illustrations of Illustrations” Yoon Sung Hur

“The Race Issue and My Issues with Race” by Quinlan Lewis-Mussa

“And Everything Changes” by Elaina Yip


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